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Beginner Guide

Status Characteristics

One of the most important ways to develop a character in a certain sense is the distibution of points int the status window. You should therefore  be ware of the different status values and how they affect the character.

  • Vitality (VIT) - Vitality is crucial to increasing Hit Points and Defense and for this reason it is one of the most important characteristics that all characters must have regardless of their race.
  • Intelligence (INT) - Intelligence is the basic property of magic. It has an impact especially on magical attacks. It is therefore used mainly by magical characters, but it is also possible to obtain some advantage, albeit reduced, in the remaining characters. Each point of intelligence increases the character's mana points, each point can also increase both damage and magic defense.
  • Strenth (STR) - Strenght is an element that influences physical damage. Like vitality, it mainly affects the physical aspects of the character. STR positively affects a character's attack value. Through each point of STR, the physical attack increases.
  • Dexterity (DEX) - Dexterity is an element that influences both magican and physical damage. Each point increases the attack value of the character but not as significantly as the STR. Thereforem influence both Average Damage and the Skill Damage. In addition, the ability also improves the character's alternative value, that is, by increasing the dexterity value, you have a better chance of weaking a critical damage received from an opponent. Here the value of the reduced damage is not certain as it depends on several factors.

General Information

You can receive buffs from a shaman of any kingdom, also they do not have any time limit, you will only lose them if you get killed by another player (PVP).

All Ghoststones can be sold to any NPC for a good amount of  Yang.

Low Level Content

Level 1-30

From level 1 to 30 you can level at Map 1 and Map 2.

Destroy some metinstones for some 30th Weapon+9 and other equipment parts.
If you are unlucky dropping the 30th weapon you can always buy it at the Weapon Shop Dealer for some  Yang.

Level 30-55

From level 30 to 55 you can farm at Valey of Seungryong and Yongbi Desert.

From level 40 metinstones you can drop Chaegirabs Book(Low) which you will need to use to buy your research items at Biologist Chaegirabs to complete the Research Quests.

With the right equipment and bonuses on it you can start doing some dungeons.

Level 55-75

From level 55 to 75 you can farm at Mount Sohan, Doyumhwan and Lungsam Forest.

Here you will starting improving your character skills, and increasing your damage and HP for higher dungeons.

Farm 75th Weapon and 66-70 Armour at Spider Queen's Nest and Demon Tower.

Level 75-90

Here you will finish to put your skills at Perfect Master stage, and finish your Biologist Quest's and farm your highest possible dungeons at this level to improve your damage.

You can now farm Dragon Lair and Devil's Catacomb for Soul Crystal equipment and other usefull equipments.

Mid Level Content

Level 90-105

At this level you will be able to farm at Cape Dragon Head, Nephrite Bay, Thunder Mountains and Gautama Cliff.

Start farming Cor Draconis (Rough) to get your Alchemy  and Fine Cloth to get your Shoulder Sash.

Upgrade your Talismans to +20 for maximum resistance agains each element.

You will be able to craft your Soul Crystal equipment into Tourmaline equipment.

Level 105-110

Here you will starting to farm at Enchanted Forest and Temple of Ochao.

Finish crafting your permanent Dews and Energy Cristal for more damage.

At all time try to improve your TalismansAlchemy and Shoulder Sash.

High Level Content

Level 110-120

You will still farming at Enchanted Forest and Temple of Ochao until you reach level 120.

Start to farm all high level dungeons to finish improving your equipmentsShoulder SashAlchemyTalismans, Research Quests and skills.

As soon as you reach level 120 you can start farming the newest Zodiac Content on Ember Hills, Hornet Glacier and Nightshadow Canyon.