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Booster System

Here on rubinum we aprroched a different view of the bonuses tha tin the past were on the costumes, for this we have created the 3 Booster Items (Hairstyle Booster, Weapon Booster and Body Booster) . You will be able to equip the boosters and change your cosmetical outfit whenever you want without losing the bonuses that otherwise would've been on the cosmeticals. The booster item can be crafted at the Alchemist using Booster-Shard or bought from the "ItemShop". You also are able to get temporary boosters (Hairstyle Booster(B), Weapon Booster(B) and Body Booster(B)) at the Alchemist and the "VoteShop". Furthermore it is possible to upgrade your Booster Item into a Dragon-Booster (Dragon-Body Booster, Dragon-Hairstyle Booster and Dragon-Weapon Booster)!


Alchemist Craft
6 Booster-Shard 500 Mithril
6 Booster-Shard 500 Mithril
6 Booster-Shard 500 Mithril
Stone of Penetration+3 200.000.000 Yang
Stone of Deathblow+3 200.000.000  Yang
Stone of Cooldown+3 200.000.000 Yang


There are 3 diferent booster, they can be with time limit or without time limit as we already told.

Body Booster and Body Booster(B)

Hairstyle Booster and Hairstyle Booster(B)

Weapon Booster and Weapon Booster(B)


Possible Bonuses
Max. HP X    
Chance to reflect physical attacks X    
Casting Speed X    
Chance for EXP Bonus X X X
Chance of double Yang drop X X X
Attack Value X    
Attack Speed   X X
HP Regeneration   X  
Poison Chance   X X
Strong against Half Humans   X X
Strong against Animals   X X
Strong against Orc   X X
Strong against Mystics   X X
Strong against Undead   X X
Strong against Devils   X X
Strong against Bosses X X X
Strong against Metinstones X X X
Vitality     X
Inteligence     X
Strength     X
Dexterity     X
Blackout Chance     X
Slowing Chance     X
Chance of Critical Hit     X
Chance of Piercing Hit     X


You are able to add up to a maximum of 3 bonuses in each booster with the Transform Booster, you are able to buy the Transform Booster at the General Store in change of 20 Enchant Item for 1 Transform Booster. Also you can switch the Boosters bonuses with the Enchant Booster that is selling at the General Store for 20Enchant Item for 1Enchant Booster.

Dragon Boosters

The dragon boosters are exactly the same as the normal boosters beside that you will need to craft them, you are able to craft the Dragon-Boosters at the Titanium-Dragonsmith, but you are only able to craft them with the Body Booster, Hairstyle Booster and Weapon Booster that have no limit time.


Craft Options
Body Booster 10 Ignail Titanium 10 Meley Titanium
Hairstyle Booster 10 Ignail Titanium 10 Meley Titanium
Weapon Booster 10 Ignail Titanium 10 Meley Titanium


Obviously, when crafting the Dragon-Boosters you will have the possibility of having a +3 bonus on your boosters, these 3 new bonuses are fixed and you will not be able to change them. You will get Strong against Dragons +10% , Defence against Dragons +10% and Strong against Monsters +5%.