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The companions system is similar to the normal system and you are used to it, but it contains some of the few changes! With this system you will be able to hatch, evolve and feed your pet.

To get a companion you must obtain the egg first

Blue Dragon Egg Beran-Setaou
Razador's Egg Razador
Nemere's Egg Nemere
Red Dragon Egg Meley Treasure Chest
Ignail Egg Treasure Chest of Ignail
Baby Baashido's Egg

Grimly King Ludba

Wiki King Doepzz

Nessie Egg Hydra

The eggs have 7 day duration and will disapear after the time expires, the eggs can be used to hatch a new pet or to feed already hatched pets.

Companion Names

When you right click with your mouse on a egg, a window called "Incubator" will popup. You can chose your companion name here. 


This will cost you 100.000 Yang.

Companion names need to have between 4 and 20 characters.

Several companions can have the same name, so this do not make your companion name unique.

If you do not chose a name, a default companion name will be assigned.

You can change your companion name by using Pergament of Pet-Name.

Companion Interface

To access the companion interface you can just press "P" on your keyboard, while pet is active.

Icon: Top left, shows the companion seal icon.

1st Line: Shows the companion stage (Young, Wild, Valiant, Heroic)

2nd Line: Companion Name

Level: Shows the companion current level (Companions can be leveled from 1-120)

Experience: Shows the ammount of experience the companion has.

Age: Shows how old the companion is.

Duration: The red bar shows how much time the companion has left, it refills when companion is feeded with eggs.

Feed: Button that opens the feeding window, to feed the companion with eggs.

Evolve: Button that opens the evolve window, to evolve the companion stage.

Item EXP: Button that open the window that allows the companion to consume items in order to fill the last 100% of each level.

Bonuses: Bonus given by companion when active.

   HP gives more HP to the owner, the companion can give a maximal of 3% when hatched;

   Defence gives more defense to the owner, the companion can give a max of 3% when hatched;

   SP gives more SP to the owner, the companion can give a max of 3% when hatched.

   Bonuses percentagens can increase 0,1 - 0,5% for each 5 levels

Skill: Companions can have up to 3 skills.

Companion Duration

Companion duration can be consulted in the red bar visible on the companion interface, or on mouse over the companion seal.

 *Companion duration is random and is set when hatching the companion egg.

Companion maximal duration can be increased by using the Pet Life Stone, if the max duration reach 200 days the companion duration turn into permanent, you can also use Pet maximum Lifestone to make it permanent.

The Companion Duration it is real time.



You can open the feeding window by clicking the button  on the companion interface.

All eggs and companions (dead or live) can be used as food for your companion.

When feeding with eggs and companions, the durations of you companion will be refilled randomly.

Companion Death

When the duration of a companion expires, it will die.

Using Protein Snack the companion will be revived with 50% of it's duration refilled.

If a companion is revived he will keep his bonuses and skills, but his age will be reseted.

Leveling and Experience

Companions can reach the same level as the owner of a maximum of 120.

If the companion is higher level than the owner it can be activataded but will not be possible to leveling the companion.

On each level you are required to fill 4 red balls, by killing monsters, and the final blue ball, by sacrificing items to fill it.

The ammount of Item EXP obtained from each item varies according to the item. You can use normal itens such weapons, armours and acessories, but we also have created the Pet-Itemexperience Bottle and Pet-Itemexperience Bottle(XL), you can obtain these items at the Pet-Master.

You can fill blue balls before the red are complete, exceding Item EXP will be stored for the next level.

Companion needs to be active to collect EXP from the monsters it's owner is killing.

Stages and Evolving

While leveling your companion, at certain key points the companion can evolve to a different stage, the requirements are as follow:

Young 1 - 40 No requirements
Wild 41 - 80 10 Young Pet Book
Valiant 81+ 10 Wild Pet Book
Heroic 81+ 10 Valiant Pet Book

Companion Skills

Companion skills are unlock on the last stage, the number of skill slots unlocked is set upon hatching of the egg and can be 1, 2 or 3 skill slots. The skills are always passive. If the skill slot number is 1 or 2 you can unlock the next slot by using the Pet Slot Extension.

Passive skills are always present and it's effect is displayed on the top left corner with an icon.

You can choose the companion skill by reading the whiched companion skill book.

After your companion learned the skill, a "+" will appear in the skill icon, to evolve it each skill level will require  Yang and the Skill Book.

Skills can be evolved up to level 20.

You can get the skill books for companinon by opening Pet Book Chest.

There are 7 different skill to chose from!

Skill Description
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Book Strong against Monsters
Yang Drop.png Yang Drop Yang Drop Book Yang drop rate is increased
Drill.png Drill Drill Book Increase chance of piercing hits
Reflection.png Intense Intensity Book Increse chance of critical hits
Sorcerer Witchmaster Book Magical damage against players
Haste.png Haste Haste Book Skill cooldown reduced
Blade Master Berserker Book Physical damage against players

Companion Skills Values

Here in rubinum we make some companions masters, this means, some companions are better then others learning a skill and its skill value will be more high then others companions, you can read the descripton of companion egg which skill is better for the companion.

Please note that the level of the companion influences the skill values.

The values listed on the table are values of the skill on max level 20 and the companion at level 20.

Skill Values

Baby Baashido


Mini Nemere

Mini Razador

Ignail Baby

Mini Meley

Nessie Baby

10% 10% 10% 13% 10% 13% 10%
10% 10% 13% 10% 10% 10% 10%
21% 21% 17% 17% 17% 17% 21%
Haste.png 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Reflection.png 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Drill.png 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Yang Drop.png 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34%

The blocks in green means the companion its a master on the skill.