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Devil's Catacombs

Level Limit: 75 - 105

Group Number: 1 - 8

Cooldown: 1 Hour(s)

Dungeon Time: 1 Hour(s)

Entry: Hwang Temple (F7 for Dungeon Information)

Strong Against: Undead

Defence: Darkness

Requirements to Join the Dungeon: Devils Catacomb Pass (Buyable at Yak-Hwan NPC for 75kk  Yang)


Stage 1

You have entered at Devil's Catacomb Dungeon!

In this first stage 8 Metin of Retribution will spawn you must destroy them!

Objective: Destroy the 8 Metin of Retribution.

Stage 2

In the second stage 5 Hell Bastard will spawn kill them!

After killing the 5 Hell Basterd the Tartaros will spawn, kill him right away!

Objective: Find and Kill the 5 Hell Bastard and the Tartaros.

Stage 3

In the third stage it will be a little bit more difficult!

There will be 6 Sealed Pillar that you must unlock!

To unlock the first one you must destroy all the Metin Stones that will spawn and drop the Key Stone.

For the second one you must kill all the monsters that will spawn and drop the Key Stone.

The third one it will be equal to the first. Destroy all the Metin Stones to drop the Key Stone.

At the fourth you will need to kill all the 5 Hell Bastard to drop the Key Stone.

On the fifth you will need to destroy all the Metin Stones again and drop the Key Stone.

To unlock the sixt Sealed Pillar the Charon will spawn, kill him!

Objective: Drop the Key Stone to unlock the 6 Sealed Pillars.

Stage 4

In this fourth stage you will meet Azrael in flesh! Terminate him!

Objective: Terminate the Azrael!