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Demon Tower

Level Limit: 40 - 105

Group Number: -

Cooldown: 1Hour(s)

Dungeon Time: 1 Hour(s)

Entry: Hwang Temple (F7 for Dungeon Information)

Strong Against: Undead / Darkness

Defence: Darkness

Requirements to Join the Dungeon: No Ticket needed


Stage 1

In this first stage 10 Metin of Devil will spawn you must destroy them, after the Demon King will spawn.

Objective: Destroy all Metin of Devil and kill Demon King.

Stage 2

In this second stage you will see 5 Sealed Pillars, to unlock them you will need to destroy the 4 Metin of Fall in order to drop 1x Key Stone for each pillar.

After unlock the 5 Sealed Pillars the Proud Demon King will spawn.

Objetive: Destroy the Metin of Fall to unlock the 5 Sealed Pillars and kill the Proud Demon King.

Stage 3

In this third stage 4 Metin of Death will spawn destroy them to the Metin of Tower spawn.

Destroy the Metin of Tower to get the Zin-Sa-Gui Tower Map and spawn the Proud Demon King.

Kill the Proud Demon King.

Objective: Destroy the 4 Metin of Death and Metin of Tower to drop the  Zin-Sa-Gui Tower Map and kill the Proud Demon King.

Stage 4

In this fourth stage you will need to drop the Zin-Bong-In Key to proceed.

Objective: Kill all the monsters until you drop the Zin-Bong-In Key and unlock the gravestone.

Stage 5

This is the last stage, the Death Reaper will spawn!

Objective: Terminate the Death Reaper.