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Spider Queen's Nest

Level Limit: 50 - 80

Group Number: 1 - 8

Cooldown: 1 Hour(s)

Dungeon Time: 20 Minutes

Entry: Spider Dungeon 3 (F7 for Dungeon Information)

Strong Against: Wind

Defence: Wind

Requirements to Join the Dungeon: Spider Queens Nest Pass (Buyable at Yak-Hwan NPC for 50KK  Yang)


Stage 1

You have entered at the Spider Queen's Nest Dungeon, you have 20 minutes to finish the run otherwise you will teleported back into the Spider Dungeon 3.

In this 1st stage you will need to kill the Spider Baron in order to drop the Arachnids Whistle that he got in is possession.

After you drop the Flute you should right click on it so you can proceed to the next stage.

Objetive: Kill the  Spider Baron to drop the Arachnids Whistle.

Stage 2

In this stage you will face the Spider Baroness, she is protecting the Spider Egg if you destroy them you will be dealing more damage to the Spider Baroness but she will be strongest aswell!

Objetive: Terminate the  Spider Baroness.