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Energy System

The Energy System has been modified and improved, the concept remains the same, when using the Energy Crystal+ your character's status is increased according to the percentage given by the Energy Crystal+.

You can get the Energy Crystal+ at Master of Herbs, he will require some items in change to be able to craft the Energy Crystal+.

You can activate and deactivate your Energy Crystal+ with one simple right click on it, furthermore you are able to stack up the Energy Crystal+ with 10 , 20 and 30 minutes!

Also we have create the Energy Crystal+(Perm) which has no limit time and can be always active!

Required Items to Craft
10 Energy 10 - 30 Minutes

10 Energy Fragment

2 Mithril

10 Energy Permanent

5.000 Mithril or 5.000 Energy Fragment

15.000 Dandelion

100.000.000 Yang