Itemshop news


Printscreen Capture a screenshot (Saved in your metin folder)
ALT + Right Click Open a stack of Chests immediately
STRG + Right Click Store/outsource items with open storage
Put items into trade window (trade window opened)
Put items into offlineshop (offlineshop opened)
STRG + X + Right Click Sell a stack of items to NPC (NPC window opened)
F5 Open/Close Switchbot
F6 Open/Close Channel Change
Type /ch x (x= 1,2,3,4,5,6) in char + ENTER Change Channel
Type /damageinfo in chat + ENTER Show damage dealt to boss after killing it
Type /shop_debug in chat + ENTER Debug offlineshop (fixes most problems)
STRG + O Activate/Deactivate Dragon Stone Alchemy
STRG + B Send away Mount
STRG + G Use Mount
K Use "K" instead of "000" in trade windoe / Shop System (e.g. 10.000.000 = 10kk)
O Open/Close Dragon Stone Alchemy window
Y Open/Close Offline Shop
J Open/Close Shop Search
U Open/Close Storage (Skillbook, Spirit Stone, Uppitem, Etc)
I Open/Close inventory
P Open/Close pet window
L Open chat protocol
C Open/Close character window
V Open/Close skill window
B Open/Close emotion window
N Open/Close quest window