Itemshop news

Shop System

The shop system allows you to sell your items for  Yang to other players.On Rubinum we have an offlineshop-system, which means that your shop can still be open even if you are not online anymore.

You can open the shop interface by pressing "Y" or  icon below the inventory.

You can open your shop everywhere except on maps of other kingdoms and in dungeons.It doesn't matter on which map or channel you are, you and everyone else can see every item on the market!

You can put thing in your shop from everywhere and also buy things wherever you are!

At the beginning you have 45 slots to sell your items, you can use Offlineshop Expansion to increase your slots up to 360 (site I + II + III + IV), once you unlocked the slots you have them permanently on that character.

You can change the name and the look of your shop every 5 minutes.


Shop Appearance

Image from Gyazo

At the beginning you only have the standard options. You can get new   banners/skins from the Shop Skin-Chest and the Shop Banner-Chest.

Shop History

Once you sold something you can see that in your shop history.

It shows you which item you sold, when it was sold and how much was paid for for it.

Shop Time

As already mentioned the shop can still be online even if you are not.

This is possible if you have offline shop time: 

You can get it by farming metins or killing bosses (higher level -> more time).

You can farm up to 72 hours each day.

The offline shop time expires immediately once you go offline and your shop is still open.

If you have no time left the shop disappears until you come online again.

It is also possible extract time at the Storekeeper

The Storekeeper has 3 differeent kinds of time coupons - 1 hour, 12 hours and 24 hours.

Keep in mind, that the Storekeeper needs 3% more time than the value of the coupon to create it.

You can trade them, sell them and also buy them.

Shop Search

You are able to open the Shop Search by pressing "J" or the  search icon in your Shop interface.

You can buy things wherever you are. To do som just right click on the item and click "YES" on the verification window or press "ENTER". 

As you can see you have different options on the left side. If you know the (exact) name of the item you can click on "All" and type in the name above to search for it.

If you don't know the name you can use the sections and their subscections to find your desired item.

If you want a specific item (e.g: Weapon with 55dss+) you can use the filter as well:

You are able to filter for:

  • Item Level
  • Itemgrade (+0 to +9)
  • Average Damage
  • Skill Damage
  • Sash Percentage
  • Clarity of Dragonstones
  • Bonus/No Bonus
  • Male/Female